Item: Poverty

Category: EYear levels: 9 to 10Website: Type: Website. Data relating to poverty from various countries.

Item: The Federal Budget

Category: EYear levels: 9 to 10Website: Website. Outlines budget themes.  Facts sheets, videos and PDFs are included.

Item: The Wealth Academy

Category: FYear levels: 9 to 10Website: Website; packed full of resources on financial literacy. The Wealth Academy “encourages schools to provide …

Item: Changing nature of work

Category: EYear levels: 9 to 10Website: Foundation for Young Australians.  Material relating to the changing nature of work.

Item: Sharemarket game

Category: EYear levels: 9 to 10Website: Game where students hypothetically invest in shares.

Item: Canstar Cannex

Category: FYear levels: 9 to 10Website: Website – Australia’s biggest financial comparisons website.

Item: Ethical investing

Category: FYear levels: 9-10Website: and Website material relating to the item name “ethical investing” (information, ethical charter)

Item: Money, Markets and Citizenship

Category: E, F, DYear levels: 8 to 10Website: Textbook. Covers Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship for the Victorian Curriculum.  Aimed …