Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition 2019

Why should students enter the Competition?

Business Planning enables students to see the interconnectedness in business operations allowing them to have an in-depth understanding of business functions. Introducing the Competition as part of your teaching and assessment will provide a real world context for student learning.

For information on this year’s PYOE Competition, download the brochure below:

  • entry form
  • competition criteria
  • competition divisions
  • information about judging
  • prizes
  • contact details for state/territory coordinators

To implement learning and teaching associated with the plan, an extensive unit of work has been written and is available for download. Designed to be implemented in part or in whole, the unit has been developed for the Victorian curriculum but may be of interest to teachers in other states and territories.

General enquiries
Christine Reid
National Coordinator, Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition
Business Educators Australasia (BEA)
P: 1800 631 203  E:

Helpful hints

  1. Keep it simple – the plan should be a clear and concise overview.
  2. Bigger isn’t better – small business concepts are preferable.
  3. Business plans should reflect a strong degree of professionalism and organisation.
  4. Plans exceeding the word limit (a maximum of 3,000 words plus appendices) will be excluded from the competition.