Levels 7 to 10

Categories – F (financial), E (economics), D (digital)

Item: Economy and Society in SOSE
Categories: F, E, D
Website: www.macmillan.com.au
Type: Student (text) material

Item: Econobites
Category: E
Website: www.etawa.asn.au/econobite
Type: Student material ¨ ‘bite sized’ items that you can use with your students. The emphasis is on applications of Economics to current situations or events that are relevant to the syllabus content for a particular year.

Item: Resources
Categories: F, E, D
Website: www.etawa.asn.au/resources
Type: Comment on resources available in WA

Item: “What is Economics” video
Category: E
Website: www.rba.gov.au/education
Type:   Video plus other resources that can be analysed and altered for younger student

Item: Crash course – Economics
Category: E
Website: www.thecrashcourse.com/courses/economics
Type: Video – select the topic you wish to show a Youtube video from the series

Item: Australian Bureau of Statistics
Category: E
Website:  www.abs.gov.au
Type: Range of economic statistics; choose for particular year level and purpose

Item: Oxfam Education
Category: E
Website:  www.oxfam.org.au
Type: Select from a wide range of resources; able to apply filters to sort

Item: Gapminder
Category: E
Website:  www.gapminder.org
Type: Free teaching material developed to dismantle misconceptions and promote a fact-based worldview. Data visualization tools (photos, slides, videos, statistical tables) to let people explore the vast treasure of global statistics. Examples are demographics, comparative living standards

Item: ASICs money Smart
Category: F, D
Website:  www.moneysmart.gov.au
Type: An extensive range of resources promoting consumer and financial literacy –  units of work, digital activities, indigenous focus resources, teaching program videos, financial health for teachers, kids and money, raising moneysmart kids (for parents) and a moneysmart teaching implementation guide.  The website is organises into managing your money, borrowing and credit, insurance, superannuation and retirement, investing, scams, teaching, calculators and resources. There is also a YouTube channel MoneySmartAU.

Item: Cool Australia
Category: E, D
Website: www.coolaustralia.org
Type: A range of curriculum materials for teachers searchable by topic, year level, subject and keywords and a digital library for students containing video clips, documentaries, images, articles, stories and news for each topic in the library. Required to register to download materials.

Item: In charge: Financial literacy for high school students
Category/ies: F
Year level/s: 7-10
Website: www.incharge.org/financial-literacy/resoiurces-for-teachers/high-school/
Type: free teachers guide of 14 lesson plans and worksheets