Levels 7 to 10

Economy and Society in SOSE

Categories: F, E, D
Website: www.macmillan.com.au
Type: Student (text) material


Category: E
Website: www.etawa.asn.au/econobite
Type: Student material ¨ ‘bite sized’ items that you can use with your students. The emphasis is on applications of Economics to current situations or events that are relevant to the syllabus content for a particular year.


Categories: F, E, D
Website: www.etawa.asn.au/resources
Type: Comment on resources available in WA

“What is Economics” video

Category: E
Website: www.rba.gov.au/education
Type:   Video plus other resources that can be analysed and altered for younger student

Crash course – Economics

Category: E
Website: www.thecrashcourse.com/courses/economics
Type: Video – select the topic you wish to show a Youtube video from the series