Supporting website

A website has been developed to support teachers of consumer and financial literacy: This website contains:

  • professional learning: learn how to incorporate financial literacy into your teaching by completing the Consumer and Financial Literacy Professional Learning Module for Educators. This introductory module offers information, teaching tools and practical examples to help you integrate consumer and financial literacy into your teaching
  • resources: here you will find the most comprehensive list of Australian financial literacy education resources. Use the database to search for resources by learning area, year level, state or territory to support phase 1 of the new Australian Curriculum. It will be updated as the curriculum is rolled out. The database will help you find hundreds of units of work and classroom activities so you can incorporate consumer and financial literacy into your teaching. Many of these resources are free and easily downloaded. We also explain how each resource relates to the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework and the Australian Curriculum
  • useful links for teachers gives you links to other websites to extend your knowledge of consumer and financial literacy
  • background tells you why financial literacy education is important and who is involved.