RBA – Resources

The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has released an online budget glossary:  https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Budget_Office/Online_Budget_Glossary.

This glossary explains key terms related to the Commonwealth Government budget in a non‑technical way, which may be a useful resource for teachers and students. Some of the entries – inflation and the CPI – refer to RBA Explainers.

New resources from the Reserve Bank’s education program
RBA are pleased to advise that new resources are now available on the education section of their website. Please find descriptions and links below.

New commerce/economics resources for Years 9 and 10
We have developed a suite of resources to introduce students to the Australian economy and its participants, the circular flow model, and the business cycle. These resources support a number of economics curriculum objectives, as well as dot points from the new NSW commerce curriculum. They include: Illustrators, Learning Activities, Presentations and Delivery Notes

New Explainer: Unconventional Monetary Policy Around the World
This Explainer describes the difference between conventional and unconventional monetary policy. It also describes the different tools that have been used by central banks when conducting unconventional monetary policy.

The RBA have published a new Explainer – Trends in Australia’s Balance of Payments. It describes the longer-term trends within the two sides of Australia’s balance of payments: the current account and the combined capital and financial account.

video of the Topical Talk, Wage Setting in Australia, is now available. This talk gives an overview of the different methods of setting employee pay in Australia and some factors that influence wages growth.