• The RBA have published a new Explainer – Trends in Australia’s Balance of Payments. It describes the longer-term trends within the two sides of Australia’s balance of payments: the current account and the combined capital and financial account.
  • A video of the Topical Talk, Wage Setting in Australia, is now available. This talk gives an overview of the different methods of setting employee pay in Australia and some factors that influence wages growth.

ACCC’s Tertiary education program

Are you interested in including an up-to-date, interactive and highly practical educational resource about Australian competition and consumer laws in your teaching portfolio? Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s tertiary education program is free, available online, and consists of 12 modules on topics including misleading 44sales and advertising practices, social media, business scams, cartels, misuse of market power, product safety and consumer rights. It is supported by a comprehensive suite of free resources and can be facilitated by educators or completed by students in self-study mode. More information can be found at or you can join the Tertiary Information Network to receive the free program resources. Alternatively, you can contact the ACCC education team at

Youth Unemployment — A new resource from QETA

From Spinney Press. Editor : Justin Healey ISBN 67819220847430
Price: $26.00 (incl GST) + $13.20

This is an excellent resource for the core unit Contemporary Economic Management and the elective unit Labour. Currently young people are more likely to be underemployed than at any time in the last 36 years; the national unemployment rate among 15-24 year olds stands at around 14% – the highest rate since October 2001, and twice the overall jobless rate. The pool of entry-level jobs available is diminishing and the jobs available to young people are mostly casual, temporary or part-time. For an increasing number of vulnerable young people the basic goals of having a decently paid job and owning a home are becoming elusive. As employment opportunities are denied and government welfare benefits reduced, self-respect and dignity are eroded, and potential is lost. With no easy fix in sight, is job insecurity becoming the norm for many young Australians? This book presents the latest youth employment statistics and key report findings, and explores a range of government and social sector strategies aimed at tackling youth unemployment and underemployment.

Orders to QETA, P.O. Box 254 RED HILL 4059 or to

Please ensure school order number is quoted. Personal orders require a cheque of EFT at the time of ordering.

ASX Schools Sharemarket Game

The ASX Schools Sharemarket Game is a great way to give students real world experience without leaving the classroom.

With a virtual $50,000 to invest over 10 weeks, students create their own share portfolio, trade online and compete against other students for a total prize pool of over $17,000.

Reflecting real market conditions, the Game encourages students to:

  • develop their knowledge of the sharemarket
  • learn how to research companies
  • discover the importance of wise investment decisions
  • begin to learn more about investing which is beneficial for their future.

Teacher resources are available, including detailed lesson plans with teacher notes, assignment ideas, worksheets, videos and posters.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Game is free and runs twice a year. It can be part of a school subject or offered to students as an extra-curricular activity.

he ongoing nature of the learning that takes place is inspirational to me. The students love this activity.” Robyn, Year 10 teacher

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