BEA affiliates across Australia represent teachers of the following curriculum areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Economics
  • Financial Literacy
  • Law-related education
  • Work-related education

BEA in conjunction with its affiliates, provides leadership as a national voice to advocate for, and foster excellence in business education.


Our vision is for BEA to be the peak national voice of the profession of business educators; education stakeholders seeking BEA first as a partners in the pursuit of excellence in business education

Goals/key improvement strategies

Advocacy and representation – being the national voice of business educators on behalf of and for our affiliates.  We believe this is achieved through advocating and/or directly and indirectly representing affiliates via research and giving and receiving professional opinion both verbally and in writing

Stability and growth – remaining a viable organisation through strategies designed to not only sustain but also to grow in influence in the direction of business education nationally

Collaboration and sharing – strategic initiatives that focus on communication with sand through affiliates is seen as critical to BEA’s on-going success

Quality teaching and learning – seeking, reflecting on, demonstrating and encouraging best practice in the teaching and learning of business education

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