Winners of Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition 2020

Division 1

Two joint winners

1.      William Gillett

         Loxton High School

         South Australia

Plan:         RivSUP – a paddleboard tour business offering paddleboard hire and a range of tour experiences.

2.      Elijah Sargent

         The Hutchins School


Plan:         Goats Gardening – A service to rent out goats for those looking to clear or eradicate weeds, bush and grass. An eco-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals.

Division 2

Madeleine Giagoudakis

Leonie Trimbos

Frida Andreasen

Camberwell Girls Grammar School


Plan:         What’s Poppin – A business providing popcorn that has interesting and crazy flavours. The popcorn can be customised to customers’ preferred tastes via a website and delivered to your door!

Congratulations to all the students who submitted entries this year. There were many wonderful ideas and it was obvious that hours of research and innovative thinking had been put into all plans. Thanks to CA ANZ for their continued sponsorship of the competition at state and national levels.