Australian Taxation Office

ATO Resources on Taxation and Superannuation now spans K-10

Secondary teachers will be familiar with the ATO “Tax, Super and You” resources. The Australian Taxation Office has recently released new teaching resources for primary school students

“Paying it Forward” includes 120 fun and engaging standalone activities for K-6 students in digital and printable formats co-designed by teachers and parents and aligned with the Australian and State curriculum. It connects the learning areas of English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Health and Physical education (HPE) and the Arts.

The focus of the resources is on developing civic values and the financial wellbeing of primary school students in ways that are relevant to them. It is designed to help students establish a strong foundation in financial skills and increase their understanding of the role of tax and superannuation.

Another component of “Paying it Forward” is an accredited online professional learning course for primary school teachers to support them in teaching the material.  The ATO partnered with ASIC to develop the course.

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